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Erisin ES7668M 8" Car DVD Player GPS SAT NAVI 3G Bluetooth VMCD for TOYOTA AURION CAMRY

New Technology + All in One + Competitive Price + High quality
This is the new All-in-One Design for Toyota Aurion Camry Cars, MTK3360 800MHz CPU, 256MB RAM, support 1080P


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Refurbished machine! A Clearance Sale! No after sales service! But we will check carefully before delivery, welcome to place an order.


New Technology + All in One + Competitive Price + High quality
This is the new All-in-One Design for Toyota Aurion Camry Cars, MTK3360 800MHz CPU, 256MB RAM, support 1080P RMVB Video, support the newest 10-Band EQ, support 3G WCDMA Internet, VMCD—Virtual 10 CD Changer, Bluetooth PB-Download and PB-Search, Steering Wheel Control, built-in 6 Games, Calculator, 10 internal wallpapers and can update user’s wallpaper, 7 Button Light Colors, external Microphone Jack, show and play iPhone5/6/iPad playlists, Car Recorder and DVB-T/ATSC Box input + power supply + Touch control


– This unit will fit the following car model:
Toyota Aurion 2006-2011
Toyota Camry 2007-2011
1. This unit has front panel size 295mm(Top width)*133mm(High)*255mm(Bottom width), please check your
dashboard size and make sure your car dashboard is same as the dashboard photo in our listing before bidding.
2. Camry Hybrid/SE with JBL system are not compatible with the unit! but don’t worry, we can help you to solve it, you just need to buy a CanBus Decoder and a special Cable together from us to fit it, it costs only GBP35. ——- The other seller has no this!!!
– 8 Inch super wide Screen, Digital Screen (800*RGB*480), High sensitive Touch Screen
– The newest MTK3360 800MHz CPU, Dual Core, 256MB RAM, support external memory up to 32GB
– 10 Wallpapers for your Choice, you can update your photos and setting it as wallpaper
– 4 x 50w Surround Stereo, Subwoofer Output, support the newest 10-Band EQ
– 7 button light colors: Red/Green/Blue/Yellow/Magenta/Cyan/White
– One button for blank screen, you can shut off Display but keep Sound in the evening
– Built-in Clock and Calendar, Clock/Date/Week/Time Zone adjustable, can use GPS Time
– Support 3G Internet, you can connect a 3G dongle (WCDMA) to use this function
– Built-in 6 games and calculator for your travel use
– Support Virtual 10 Discs, you can save max. 10 CD in your USB/SD to play
– Drag and drop Icons, the position of icons can be changed at will
– Multi Menu Languages: English/Chinese/Russian/Turkish/French/German/Italian/Spanish/Portuguese/
– Support GPS navigation, free 8GB TF Card and GPS Antenna included.
– Dual zone function, Rear Passengers can watch DVD or TV while driver can use GPS
– Support Bluetooth hands-free function, built-in microphone on front panel and external microphone Jack on the back.
– Support A2DP Bluetooth, can play stereo music through Bluetooth from your Phone
– Download phone book function, you can download contact information from your phone to this unit
– Support the newest Phone Book Search, you can search&find a contact member in downloaded phone book,
just input the first letter of name, you will find some associated names, then you can choose the right one
– Radio Tuner with RDS, 30 Preset Radio Stations (FM: 3*6, AM: 2*6)
– USB1/USB2 Port and SD Slot, Support USB Stick and SD Card up to 32GB, support 1080P RMVB Videos,
– 3 in 1 Media USB Port, you can connect USB Stick, iPhone5/6 Device, 3G Dongle to Media USB Port to use
corresponding function. USB1 and USB2 Port has no difference.
– Built-in iPod/iPhone Audio Decoder IC, support iPhone5/6/iPad Audio Input, Charge and Touch Control
– Support Car DVR input, Touch Control and Power supply
– Support Digital TV Box input, Touch Control and Power supply
– Support Rear View Camera input and reverse trigger Control
– Support Steering Wheel Control, Hand Brake Control
– Electronic Anti-Shock, Last Position Memory

– Power Supply: DC 12V (allowance range: 10.8-14.5V)
– Max. Current: 10A
– Button Light Colors: Red/Green/Blue/Yellow/Magenta/Cyan/White
– Front panel Size: 295mm(Top width)*133mm(High)*255mm(Bottom width)
– Package Size: 330mm*260mm*170mm
– Gross Weight: 3.5kg
– Net Weight: 3.0kg


– Screen Type: 8 inch Touch Screen
– Resolution: 800*RGB*480
– Built-in Clock and Calendar: Yes
– Built-in Games: Yes, 6 Games for your choice
– Built-in Calculator: Yes
– Screensaver: Yes, you can setting screensaver to 15s/30s/60s
– Wallpapers: 10, and you can update user’s wallpaper from GPS Card
– Drag and drop Icons: Yes, the position of icons can be changed at will
– Change the backlight: Yes, you can choose day/night backlight and adjust
– One Button for Blank Screen: Yes, shut off display but keep sound in the evening
– Digital or Analog: Digital Touchscreen, very vivid


– Beep: On/Off
– Menu Languages: English/Chinese/Russian/Turkish/French/German/Italian/Spanish/Portuguese/
– Bluetooth: Auto Answer: On/Off, Auto Connect: Yes/No
– Navigation: Volume mixed/Auto to Navi when power on…
– EQ Setup: Support the newest 10-Band EQ
– Sound: User/Flat/Pop/Rock/Jazz/Class
– Video: Yes
– Steering Wheel Control : Yes
– RDS: Yes
– Date & Time: Clock/Date/Week/Time Zone adjustable or GPS Time
– Factory Setup: Yes


– Connector: On the Back
– 3G Standard: WCDMA only
– 3G Dongle included: No, you can contact us to buy it together
– Explorer: Opera


– Processor: MTK3360 800MHz
– Operation System: Microsoft Windows CE.NET 6.0
– Internal Memory: 256MB
– External Memory Size: Can expand to 32GB
– Support Maps: IGO, SYGIC, GARMIN…
– GPS Operation Languages: English/German/French/Spanish/Portuguese/Italian/Dutch/Finnish/Greek…
– Voice Guidance: Yes
– Support 2D/3D Map Views: Yes
– Dual Zone: Yes, navigating while music playing
– 8GB TF Card included: Yes


– Decode IC: SUNPLUS 8202VGQ
– Compatible Format: DVD, DVD-R/RW, HDVD, MP3, MP4, CD-R/RW, VCD, DIVX, WMA/JPEG
– Audio/Subtitle Languages: English/Italian/French/Spanish/Portuguese/German/Russian/Arabic..
– Divx Title: Unicode/UTF8/ASCII
– Last-Position-Memory: Yes, expediently watch all kinds of disc continuously


– Hands Free: Yes
– A2DP (Bluetooth Stereo Music): Yes, can play stereo music through Bluetooth
– Bluetooth Music Control: Yes, play/pause/previous/next
– PB-Download: Yes, can download phonebook from mobile to this unit
– PB-Search: Yes, can use the first letter to search contact member in PB-Listings
– Calling Records: Yes, Dialed Call, Received Call, Missed Call
– Built-in Microphone: Yes, on the front panel
– External Microphone Jack: Yes, on the back


– AM Frequency Range: 522-1620KHz
– AM Increment: 9KHz(EU)/10KHz(US)
– FM Tuning Range: 87.5-108MHz
– FM Increment: 0.05MHz(EU)/0.1MHz(US)
– FM Area: Europe/USA1/USA2/Japan/Russia
– RDS: On/Off
– Preset Stations: 30(FM 3*6, AM 2*6)


– Built-in iPhone Audio Decoder: Yes
– Port: USB1/USB2 Port, use USB charge cable to connect
– Compatible: iPhone5/6/iPod/iPad
– Charge the connected Device: Yes
– Control Device on Touch Screen: Yes
– iPhone Video Input: NO


– Position: USB1/USB2 Port On the Back
– Capacity: 32GB
– Play MP5 Videos: Yes, can play RMVB Videos up to 1080P
– Touch Music Title to play directly: Yes


– Position: On the front panel
– Capacity: 32GB TF Card
– Play MP5 Videos: Yes, can play RMVB Videos up to 1080P
– Touch Music Title to play directly: Yes


– External Port for Car Recorder Input: Yes
– Supply Power to connected car DVR: Yes, you can connect our Car DVR to achieve this function
– Touch Control the connected DVR: Yes, you can connect our Car DVR to achieve this function
– External Car DVR incl.: No, you can contact us to buy it together


– External Port for Digital TV Box: Yes, Support DVB-T/ATSC/ISDB Box
– Power Supply to DTV Box directly: Yes, you can connect our DTV Box to achieve this function
– Touch Control the DTV Box on unit: Yes, you can connect our TV Box to achieve this function
– DTV Box incl.: No, you can contact us to buy it together


– VMCD: Yes, support virtual 10 CD changer
– Games: 6 built-in Games
– Calculator: Yes
– Calendar: Yes


– AUX Video In: One
– Rear-View Camera Video In: One
– External Microphone In: One
– AUX Audio In: R/L
– DTV Box In: One
– Car DVR In: One
– Radio Antenna In: One
– GPS Antenna In: One


– Video Out: Two
– Audio Out: FR/FL/RR/RL
– Surround Stereo Out: 4*50w
– Subwoofer Out: One


– Steering Wheel Control: Yes
– Reverse Control: Yes
– ANT/AMP Control: Yes
– Hand Brake Control: Yes
– iPhone music play Touch Control: Yes
– Ext. Car DVR Touch Control: Yes
– Ext. DTV Box Touch Control: Yes


– 1*User’s Manual in English
– 1*Power Cable with special Connector
– 1*RCA AV Cable
– 1*USB OTG Cable
– 1*GPS Antenna
– 1*8GB TF Card

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