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Erisin ES7455M 7" MTK Car DVD Player GPS for AUDI A4L A5L Q5L
  • Erisin ES7455M 7" MTK Car DVD Player GPS for AUDI A4L A5L Q5L
  • Erisin ES7455M 7" MTK Car DVD Player GPS for AUDI A4L A5L Q5L

Erisin ES7455M 7" MTK Car DVD Player GPS for AUDI A4L A5L Q5L


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New Technology + All in One + Competitive Price + High quality
This is the best AUDI A4L/A5L, Q5L unit on the market, you can compare it with the other OEM Style SatNav Multimedia System with 7 inch Capacitive Touch Screen for AUDI A4L, A5L, Q5L without SatNav, can be connect with OEM Radio, CD Player to use, keep original CD player function and not destroy original cable. MTK3360 800MHz CPU, Dual Core, 256MB RAM, support 1080P RMVB Video, Bluetooth PB-Download and PB-Search, support screen mirroring link with your android smartphone, support external camera, DVR, DTV Box and other AUX AV Input and power supply, support OPS, Radar, Air Climate Control, OBD, Backing Track Display.

- This unit will fit the following car model:
  AUDI A4L (2012-2015)
  AUDI A5L (2012-2015)
  AUDI Q5L (2012-2015)
  1. To install this unit, will keep original CD, not destroy original cable
  2. If your car is Audi A4R, A5R, Q5R (Steering Wheel on your right side), this unit will not fit
  3. If your car version has built-in GPS SatNav function, this unit will NOT fit. and if your car version has
      built-in CD Player with the MEDIA button. this unit will FIT your car no problem
  4. For installation manual please click here: AUDI A4L-Install Manual.ppt and AUDI Q5-Install Manual.ppt
  5. Please don't power on this unit in your car before you complete all the installation, otherwise, 
      it may cause the fault alarm problem, then you will have to ask your local 4S store to fix it
- 7 Inch super wide Screen, our unique design, the most seller can provide only 6.2", 6.5" screen size
- The newest MTK3360 800MHz CPU, Dual Core, 256MB RAM, support external memory up to 32GB
- Five-Point Touch Capacitive Screen,  Digital Screen (800*RGB*480), High sensitive Touch Screen
- Change Boot logos, you can update your photos and setting it as Boot Logos
- Support the OBD Display and Backing Track Display, support Car OPS, Radar and A, C Control Dislpay
- Built-in Clock and Calendar, Clock, Date, Week, Time Zone adjustable
- Multi Menu Languages: English, Chinese, Russian, Turkish, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, 
  Hebrew, Arabic, Polish, Thai
- Support GPS navigation, free 8GB TF Card and GPS Antenna included.
- Support operation through Touch Screen, support GPS Navi while listening music
- Support Bluetooth hands-free function, built-in microphone on front panel 
- Support A2DP Bluetooth, can play stereo music through Bluetooth from your Phone
- Download phone book function, you can download contact information from your phone to this unit
- Support the newest Phone Book Search, you can search&find a contact member in downloaded phone book, 
  just input the first letter of name, you will find some associated names, then you can choose the right one
- Support Mirror Link with Android Smartphone via Bluetooth and your phone charge cable
- USB Port, can be connected with Media USB and Smartphone for Mirror Link, support Media USB Stick up to 32 GB
- Support 1080P RMVB Videos, you can enjoy high-definition video 
  corresponding function. USB1 and USB2 Port has no difference.
- Support OEM Radio&CD Input , display OEM Radio and CD Player, keep your OEM Radio&CD, not destroy original cable
- Support external Car DVR Video input and Power supply
- Support external DVB-T, ATSC Box AV input and Power supply
- Support external Rear View Camera input, power supply and reverse trigger Control
- Support other AUX Device AV input and power supply
- Hand Brake Control, Electronic Anti-Shock, Last Position Memory



- Power Supply: DC 12V (allowance range: 10.8-14.5V)
- Max. Current: 10A
- Package Size: 390mm*340mm*150mm
- Gross Weight: 4.0kg
- Net Weight: 3.5kg


- Screen Size: 7 inch
- Full Capacitive Touch Screen: Yes
- Resolution: 800*RGB*480
- Built-in Clock and Calendar: Yes
- Display OEM Radio Playing: Yes
- Display OEM CD playing: Yes
- Display external Camera Video: Yes
- Display external DVR Video: Yes
- Display external DTV Box playing: Yes
- Change Boot Logos: Yes
- Change the backlight : Yes, you can adjust the darkness from 30-100
- Digital or Analog: Digital Touchscreen, very vivid


- Sound Type: Buzzer, Dripping, Marimba, Machine
- Navigation: Navi Path, Auto Switch, Navi Vol, Background Sound, Home button shows
- Boot Logos: Yes, you can update your photos and setting it as Boot Logos
- Bluetooth: Auto Switch: On, Off, BT Volume adjustable
- Date & Time: Clock, Date, Week, Time Zone adjustable
- Menu Languages:
  English, Chinese, Russian, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic...
- Reverse: Reverse Video, Reverse Locus, Reverse Mirror, Sensor
- Brake Check: Yes
- Back Light: Yes, you can adjust the darkness from 30-100
- Driving Position Option: Just support LHD
- Upgrade: Yes


- Operation System: Microsoft Windows CE. Net 6.0
- CPU: MTK3360 800MHz
- Internal: 256MB RAM, Dual Core
- External Memory Size: Can expand to 32GB
- Support Maps: IGO, SYGIC, Garmin...
- Voice Guidance: Yes
- Support 2D, 3D Map Views: Yes
- Dual Zone: Yes, navigating while music playing
- GPS Operation Languages:
  English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Finnish, Greek...
- Free 8GB Card included: Yes


- Support OEM Radio Input: Yes, will display the OEM Radio menu on this unit's Screen
- Keep all the OEM Radio functions: Yes
- Destroy the original cables: No, just plug and play

- BT Hands Free: Yes
- A2DP (Bluetooth Stereo Music): Yes, can play stereo music through Bluetooth
- Bluetooth Music Control: Yes, play, pause, previous, next
- PB-Download: Yes, can download phonebook from mobile to this unit
- PB-Search: Yes, can search contact member in downloaded PB-Listings
- Calling Records: Yes, Dialed Call, Received Call, Missed Call
- Built-in Microphone: Yes, on the front panel


- Support OEM CD Input: Yes, will display the OEM CD menu on this unit's Screen
- Keep all the OEM CD functions: Yes
- Destroy the original cables: No, just plug and play


- Position: On the USB, RCA Cable
- Capacity: 32GB
- Play MP5 Videos: Yes, can play RMVB Videos up to 1080P
- Touch Music Title to play directly: Yes


- External Port for Camera Input: Yes, just connect with our Rear View Camera which is special for AUDI
- Support Reverse trigger Control: Yes
- Supply Power to connected Camera: Yes, you can connect our Rear View Camera to achieve this function
- External Rear View Camera incl.: No, you can contact us to buy it together


- External Port for Car Recorder Input: Yes
- Supply Power to connected car DVR: Yes, you can connect our Car DVR to achieve this function 
- Touch Control the connected DVR: IR Control Cable Ready, but our DVR has no this function
- External Car DVR incl.: No, you can contact us to buy it together


- External Port for DTV Box Input: Yes
- Support DTV Box Standard: DVB-T, ATSC, ISDB Box
- Supply Power to connected DTV Box: Yes, you can connect our DTV Box to achieve this function
- Touch Control connected DTV BOX: IR Control Cable Ready, but our DVR has no this function
- External DTV Box incl.: No, you can contact us to buy it together


- Support AUX AV Input: Yes
- Support OBD function: Yes
- Date, Time, Week Display: Yes, which can be display on main menu
- Change Boot Logos: Yes


- AUX AV In: One - Rear View Camera AV In: One
- OEM Radio&CD In: One
- DTV Box AV In: One
- Car DVR Video In: One
- USB In: One
- GPS Antenna In: One


- Video Out: One
- Audio Out: R, L
- Surround Stereo Out: 4 x50w


- Reverse Control: Yes
- ANT, AMP Control: Yes
- DTV Box IR Control: Yes
- Car DVR IR Control: Yes
- AUX IR Control: Yes
- Android Smartphone Touch Control: Yes, via Mirror Link function


- User's Manual in english
- AUDI A4L, A5L Install Frame
- AUDI Q5L Install Frame
- Power Connection Cable
- Device Connection Cable
- USB&RCA Connection Cable
- GPS Antenna
- 8GB TF Card

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